Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Tackling The Signs And Getting More Of It

Sleep! It can often be one of those huge talking points. Many of us don’t get enough of it and so many of us would love more of it. Which category do you fall into? Both? You are not alone. We could all do with taking better control of our sleeping habits and they can be causing us big problems in our day to day lives. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can tell you are lacking sleep and some options on how you can get more of it. You’re welcome!

What Are the Biggest Signs of Not Getting Enough Sleep? Read Below:

Eyebags Under the Eyes
Eyebags can not only make us look tired and lethargic, but they can also really affect our confidence as they have a big impact on how we look. Whether you are getting enough sleep or not they can give off the impression that you are tired, and in the workplace this can go against you.

Lack of Concentration
Are you lacking in the concentration department? Are you able to focus? A serious lack of sleep can affect you in more ways than you can imagine. It might mean losing focus in an important meeting, perhaps while taking public transport or when you are behind the wheel. It certainly isn’t a laughing matter.

Low Mood
Your mood can seriously be affected if you are not getting enough sleep. Many people struggle with things like anger or frustration, perhaps snapping at someone when normally it wouldn’t bother you. A lack of sleep can also lead to things like depression and low mood in general, which is never a pleasant thing to experience.

In addition of not getting enough sleep, read this infographic below which tackles about sleep debt.

Infographic provided by Bel Furniture, a provider of living room furniture in Texas.

How Do You Get More Sleep?

Often it is the little changes that you can make to your daily routine and also what you do just before heading to bed that can help you to gain a better night’s sleep in general. Here are some of the things you could start implementing this very evening.

Make Sure You Are Tired
Tiring yourself out is one way to get a good night’s sleep. This could be easily achieved by regularly exercising or remaining active throughout the day. There are phone applications and devices that can track your exercise activity throughout the day which is a great place to start. Even doing 20 minutes where you increase your heart rate by running on the spot or heading out for a job can make a huge difference to your sleep. Avoid sitting down too much. We all deserve a break, but it won’t help you sleep at night.

Hydrate with the Good Stuff
Drinking more water during the day can help you in so many ways. Helping you with your sleep is one of those ways. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Try and avoid drinking too much water in the evening, though. This could make you wake during the night for trips to the bathroom. Which won’t aid in a rested night’s sleep.

No More Phones in Bed
Try to avoid using your phone before bed. It’s not just your phone but all forms of technology and screen time. It can keep your mind working overtime which won’t allow your body to drift naturally off to sleep. There are studies to show that putting phones and tablets down at least two hours before you go to bed allows your mind to relax. If you feel like you need to do something then reading a book is a great alternative. And while, for many, reading a book is not a typical habit, it’s worth getting back into the habit. You can purchase an affordable pair of glasses from a site like and even reading a few sentences can be enough to make your eyes begin to close.

Making Your Bed Inviting 
Sometimes it is the simplest of changes that can make all the difference. Changing your mattress and making your bed look and feel more inviting is a good place to start. From a new mattress to investing in wholesale bed runners from Richard Haworth and a new bedding set to make it look good. A simple but very effective way of encouraging you to get to bed and enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.

Avoid Sleeping In
It may be so tempting to sleep in on the weekends. If you get the opportunity. But this can disrupt your sleep pattern. It’s recommended to wake and get up at the same time each and everyday. If you have had a particularly troublesome night’s sleep, then a power nap would be a better option.

Get Outdoors as Much as You Can During the Day
Finally, getting outside will help with your sleep. It works for adults as well as children. Fresh air is nature's remedy and it can also be a great wait to tire your mind. Combine exercise with being outside and you are onto a winner.

I hope that this gives you a little more insight on how you can be getting more sleep.

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