Dogs Are For Life, So Think On These Things Before Bringing One Home

dogs are for life

Hey, if you're thinking about bringing a dog into your home, don't do so without taking a few considerations into account first. As the saying goes, dogs are for life and not just for Christmas, or for any other occasion where you might be tempted to welcome a four-legged companion into your home.

Dogs deserve love, care, and compassion, just as much as you do. And while your dog will offer you all of those things, you need to know that if you aren't able to offer the same, then you should think twice before making the purchase.

You see, dogs aren't always easy to look after, and you need to have the time, patience, and ability to care for them.

So, ask yourself these questions.

Am I house proud?

There is nothing wrong with being house proud, of course, but when you welcome a dog into your home, your daily chores will be increased. You will find remnants of dog hair on your seats and carpets. There will be occasional toileting accidents, resulting in nasty stains on your flooring. You can expect muddy pawprints. And because most dogs are playful little animals, you can expect a few chew and bite marks on your furnishings too.

Thankfully, you can take steps to manage the potential mess a dog can create. By speaking to a Carpet One flooring expert, you can find out the best types of flooring for a dog, and you can get a few tips on handling nasty stains on their website too. To reduce the amount of dog hair on your furniture, you could purchase throws and blankets to place over your seats. And by restricting your dog to certain parts of your home, you will be able to contain any mess that would otherwise be caused elsewhere. Oh, and remember to buy your dog plenty of chewable toys, so they aren't tempted to chew their way through your home.

Can I afford to get a dog?

Sorry to say it, but dogs can be expensive. We aren't talking about the money you splash out when buying one, either. There are a lot of supplies you need to buy for your dog, from leashes to pet food, and to ensure their long-term health and well-being, you will have to take them to the vet occasionally too. The costs will add up!

Can you reduce the costs? Sure, as you might be able to source certain items second-hand or from other dog owners. You don't always have to spend a fortune on toys, as dogs are as happy playing with old slipper and cardboard rolls as they are with anything from the pet store. You can even create your own doggy toys with items you probably have in your house. And by taking steps to prevent your dog from getting unwell - giving them plenty of exercise, managing their dental care, and keeping them away from harmful objects - you can also reduce the chances of a hefty vet bill.

And so…

Should you bring a dog home? It all depends on you. If you're going to get impatient with your dog every time he leaves a trail of muddy paw prints in his wake, or if you're going to suffer the financial consequences, then don't. Get a goldfish instead! On the other hand, if you are able to offer a dog a loving home and you have some money coming in to cater for all of his needs, then yes; you can change a dog's life for the better, and they will probably improve your life too!

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