Back to School Shopping on a Budget

The weather is starting to cool and soon the children will be packing their backpacks or loading up their cars to head back to school. 

Along with choosing those healthy lunches and snacks comes the expensive task of buying back to school items and supplies. While this might not be that big of a deal for some, for others they are working on a budget where every penny counts. In this blog, you will find a few concrete tips for getting all the school shopping done on a limited budget. 

Get a Small Installment Loan
One of the easiest ways to get all of the school shopping done in one fell swoop is by taking out a small installment loan and getting it done all at once, from clothes to supplies. Sites such as have just what you need to get the money you need for Back to School with little stress required. 

Internet Shop First
Of course, kids are going to want all of the latest products released that year, especially when it comes to clothes. Your best bet is to hit the sales on the internet first. Places like Amazon have sales right as back-to-school shopping begins, meaning you can get some of the latest stuff at better prices. If at all possible, try buying in bulk online, that way you have pens, pencils, paper and other necessary supplies on hand all year long. 

Avoid Rush Hour 
There are quite a few mistakes that people make during back-to-school shopping, one of the biggest is going during rush hour or being in a hurry when you get there. Being in a hurry only makes you spend more and going during rush hour means that most of the less expensive stuff will be gone. Try to hit the store early, before the rush begins, and buy supplies that will last you well into fall, if you can't buy in bulk online. 

Start at Home
Before you head out to buy those school supplies, take a look in your kid's rooms and where you store school supplies, to begin with. You'll be surprised at how many unused notebooks, folders, and unopened packs of pencils and pens you find. The more stuff you find that can be used this upcoming school year, the more money you'll have for the things you need to get the kids started. 

Cheap Can End up Being Expensive
While you want the most inexpensive price possible, it's important to remember that cheaper isn't always better. If the folders and other things you choose end up tearing or falling apart after only a month of use, you're wasting your money. There are just some things, such as book bags that require spending a little more money to get a high-quality item. 

Don't Forget to Involve the Children 
For most kids, the best part of going back-to-school is shopping for new supplies. Don't forget to involve the children in the process. From shopping for clothes to lunch boxes and backpacks, and from laptops to spiral notebooks, kids usually know better than their parents what they are going to need for the upcoming year (always defer to the school's provided list, of course). Taking the kids with you is also the perfect way to teach them a lesson on setting priorities, making the best decisions, and being organized as well. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can get all of your back to school shopping done on a limited budget. Remember, cheaper isn't always better, but there are great deals out there just waiting to be found.

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