The Importance Of Having Good Tires For Your Vehicle

The primary functions of a vehicle's tire is to support the vehicle load, transmit traction and braking forces to the road surface, absorb road shocks, and change and maintain the direction of travel. The tire is the only part of the car that actually touches the ground and makes the car accelerate, stop, and turn.Getting good quality tires for your vehicle can be life-saving and helps you to save money in the long run. Poor tires won’t allow vehicles to brake reliably and on time. When a driver hits the brakes, they expect to stop. However, unless a vehicle has good performance tires, braking can be full of slips and slides before actually coming to a complete halt.

When your Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ tire has good tread, are balanced properly, and are filled to the proper pressure, you can feel the difference in the way your vehicle moves.  The drive feels smooth and composed.  Good tires will help prevent slides and slips by gripping the road tightly adding a wealth of safety and security to your ability to control the car, not to mention your peace of mind. Cheap or bad quality tires will not.

If your vehicle is going to conquer off-road terrain, a set of Trepador tires with ultra aggressive sidewall design are excellent for traction on sand and rocks. To improve on-road stability and performance, the tire also features nylon belt reinforcement for extra high-speed stability while improving puncture resistance.

You’ll need different tires for different terrains. All terrain wheels and tires are used for traction on all kinds of surfaces, including on and off-road. They combine the open-tread design of off-road tires with the good handling of street tires. It’s imperative to remember that, as this type of tire serves all-purpose. Thus, it’s not the best option for people who drive only on highways and paved roads or only off-road.

When considering whether to buy new tires for a vehicle, it is important to think past the initial cost of the tires and to consider the reasons why it’s vital to have good tires on your vehicle. Once a driver weighs the benefits against the risks, purchasing new tires for a vehicle will always be a driver’s best option.

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