Ever heard of Wedding Shoe Dyeing?

Photo by Ngọc Hằng on Unsplash

Unless you are breaking the mould with a very colourful and vibrant wedding wearing non-bridal clothes, then everything must be white for your wedding outfit. This includes white wedding shoes of course, but when you think about it, those white shoes really wont see much use will they?

Shoe dying is a thing apparently! Just Google it to see for yourself. Most shoe dying services will also offer handbag dying too, so if you also splashed out on a white handbag for your wedding, then you could get them both dyed a matching colour to be able to coordinate with another outfit.

If you are considering having your wedding shoes dyed so that you can get more use from them, then think carefully about your colour choice. If your shoes have a lot of beading or pearl embellishments, then dying your shoes a very dark colour may not be the wisest choice. Choose a colour that will complement the beading rather than contrast with it.

You could choose to DIY your shoe dying, but be prepared if you do! It can be a very messy process and you need to follow the dye kit instructions to a tee. You will need plenty of newspapers to mop up the excess dye and also remember to stuff your shoes beforehand with newspaper to help your shoes keep their shape while drying. If this sounds too complicated and messy, then it really is a job best left to the professionals!

Dye your wedding dress?
Have you thought about dying your wedding dress? Many wedding dress designs can be quite simple and unless you have gone for a very frilly meringue style of gown, you could consider dying your wedding dress so you can wear it as an evening gown or have it cut and dyed into a cocktail dress.

It may sound totally contrary, but for maximum wear-ability why not dye your wedding dress black! Again, this may not work so well if your dress has a lot of beading or pearl embellished designs, but if your dress is a smooth satin or silk number, it would look stunning in black. Some clever dress designers even style their designs with future use in mind and will create wedding gowns that can have the extra skirting layers easily removed or trimmed down to leave a sleek underskirt that is attached to the bodice in one piece. This would make a fabulous evening dress for future use.

Baby blankets
If you do decide to remodel your wedding dress to wear again, then save all the fabric trimmings from your wedding gown to use again too! What could be nicer than to use some of the silk or satin or the lace trim from your wedding dress to add to a baby blanket or two. Your first baby blanket is often an object of some sentimental value, so why not make it more so with the addition of a piece of your wedding dress for an even more precious keepsake.

If you are going to have a baby christening, then you could have a christening gown made from any leftover fabrics from your wedding dress, or add on some lace trimmings or decorative embellishments that came from your dress or wedding veil. Again, another great keepsake to commemorate a special day but with extra meaning because of the additional wedding gown trimmings.

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