Creative Ways To Make Your Holidays Memorable

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There is so much love about the holidays. The smiles are warmer. The kids are better behaved. The meals are more gourmet, and the treats, sweeter. Distant relatives are nearer, and that place called work seems just a little farther away.

Unfortunately, this season only comes around once a year. You have to get the most out of it before the real world catches on to how much fun you're having and calls you back to life as usual. Mix it up a little bit this holiday season with old and new holiday traditions, unique dinner and party themes, and family activities.

Not Another Office Christmas Party
Office Christmas parties are the subject of sitcoms and movies alike during the holidays for a reason. They are notoriously awkward. Even if you have only ever had great office parties, try something new this year. Get your team outside of the workplace for some fun and fresh air!

A trip to the ice skating rink is in order. It is the perfect way to bring out the kid in everyone. There are plenty of laughs to be had as the not so sure-of-foot slide helplessly across the ice like Bambi. You can even make it competitive with races and a company - no contact - ice hockey game. The best part of it all is that everyone will be too busy having fun to get caught up in any potentially awkward moments!

Creole Christmas Vacation
If you like to go on  family vacations during the holiday season, try a place that you wouldn't normally associate with Christmas. Take the family to "N'awlins" this year to experience an authentic Creole Christmas. New Orleans is a city that is world-renowned for its festive culture, and it doubles down on its reputation during the holiday season.

Dive deep into the culture of the city with an authentic Reveillon dinner at one of New Orleans' famous bistros. Head to Algiers point, right across the Mississippi River from Canal Street, to witness the Lighting of the Levee. This is a centuries-old tradition that was started by early German settlers to help Papa Noel find his way to the Crescent City. You will never run out of things to do in one of the nation's jewel.

Warm Your House
If this is your first holiday season in a new house, then make your place the home for the holidays this year. Get your grown-up on with a sophisticated dinner party. Fill the air with classic Christmas tunes from great singers like Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, and Harry Connick Jr. Break out all of your most elegant finery, from your Chemex coffee maker to the fine chinaware that you got as a wedding gift and never used.

Make individualized place settings for all your guests. This will show them that you value each of them individually. It is also a great way to make sure that your always on-the-prowl. Uncle Vinny sits far away from your young sweetheart of a sister-in-law.

Instead of the traditional Christmas ham, surprise your dinner guests with a delectable roasted duck. Warning: After this party, your friends and family might designate your house as the go-to place for family get-togethers.

Don't Forget Santa
Remember, this is also the season when children are the center of the universe. The gifts that you buy them may not last very long, but the memory of Santa Claus hanging out in your living room will last forever. Saint Nick and a photo booth rental in Long Island will bring smiles to their faces that won't fade soon.

No matter what you choose to do this holiday season, the most important thing is that you do it with your favorite people. Gifts and gadgets become obsolete, but memories are timeless.

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