X Tips on How to Maximize Your Mobile Device's Battery Life

mobile device battery life

There used to be a time when going out with your phone meant not having to think about charging it for days on end, but with the advent of feature-heavy mobile devices, you’d have to check every half hour for signs of life. Users with mobile devices have remedied this with the purchase of a reliable powerbank,but one can’t always be expected to remember to carry an extra weight around at all times (despite well-known brands like Anker coming up with sleeker and lighter powerbanks).

While we’re not going to recommend that you simply reduce your device usage, there are a handful of other useful tips to maximize your mobile device’s battery life by simply making small adjustments.

Check what’s causing battery drainage
First, check your settings to see a breakdown of what’s causing the most battery consumption on your mobile device; features and applications that consume the most battery power typically appear in a descending order. You can pinpoint which of them you don’t use and uninstall them, or you can simply turn them off.

Reduce Screen Brightness/ Use Auto Brightness
The bright and clear display is usually the selling point of many new mobile devices, but it’s actually your battery’s worst enemy as it can drainit at a devastating speed. You can remedy this by simply dimming the screen, or using auto-adjust or auto brightness, a feature that automatically detects ambient lighting and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. It uses much less power than having your screen at full brightness.

Shorten Screen Timeout
Under the display menu, you should be able to adjust the time it takes for your screen to time out. Since every second counts, adjust to the lowest possible time. Since the display is one of the most battery-consuming feature of your mobile device, shortening the time it’s lit when you’re not even using it adds up to lengthening your battery life.

Switch off Unnecessary Hardware Radios
While it’s nice to know that you have LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth all together in one handy dandy mobile device, you probably don’t need all five running all at once. If you run them all at once, all day, they will constantly be sapping your phone’s energy resources to continually search for outside signals. Turn them off when you’re not using them, and significantly lessen the drain on your battery.

Turn off Apps Running in the Background
One powerful smartphone feature is the ability to multitask and run several apps at once. That said, it also burns a lot off your battery power, as every running app requires a chunk of your phone’s processor cycles. By turning off apps you’re not using, you’re reducing your CPU’s workload, and greatly cutting down on power consumption. It’s easy to turn off background apps; simply swipe them away through the multitasking tool!

Use Power-Saving Mode
Enabling the power-saving feature on your mobile device manages many of its battery dependent features for you. Depending on your device, it could automatically dim your display screen, prevent apps from updating, disable screen animations, turn off vibrations, disable the camera, and so on. This power-saving mode usually kicks in when your battery drops to dangerously low levels, but you can set it to kick in even sooner to help your battery last even longer.

With these tips, you are well on your way to greatly preserving much of your battery life. Don’t expect extending battery life for over a day without plugging it in like the old days, but extending it for an extra hour or two can make all the difference.

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