Things I Learned from Online Games

photo of turned on black gaming keyboard beside mug
Online games refer to computer games that use the Internet. It interconnects players from different places and meets through the virtual world of the game. Sometimes, you build a community from guilds and group of players.

I started to play online games at the age of 36. Yes, that late. I worked as an Internet staff Assistant at that time. A young boy who happens to be a client told me what games to download. So, I did. In every game I download, I've created an account to test run it myself.

cabal force archer
This is my character - a 200 level Force Archer in Cabal Online Games, posing with a boss in the map Senillinea. 
For several years, the online game has taught me different things. Even if I become a mom, it gives me a chance to choose my priorities. Now, let me share to you what are the things that I learned from playing online games. Here it is:

You are On Your Own
If you have no friends to help you, you are on your own.  You start from scratch. No armors and accessories that add damage and defense to your character. So, your character is weak. Carry out quests to earn in-game money and level up. Sell what you get from the dungeons. Some characters are fortunate if someone helped them out. Most of the time, you are on your own.

By going into the dungeon, you will learn tips and tricks on how to finish the quests.

Don't give your 100% trust
Right then and there! We meet all kinds of people in the virtual world. You have no idea whom you are talking at the moment. You can have fun and talk. Avoid showing your cards to a stranger. Sometimes, there are scammers and a poser. A poser is a character who copies your name in-game but differs in level. As you play, you will learn how to spot these scammers and posers.

Learn the Virtue of Patience
Let me share with you a quote from Joyce Meyer. It says, "Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while waiting. If you want your character in high level and good character set, learn to wait and be patient. Unlike the online casinos, you can play and choose with just one click.

Managing Your Resources
It's about managing your earnings and buy what you need. By going into the dungeon, you get materials that you can sell. Learn to save what you earn. Be patient until you can buy what you need like armors and accessories, one at a time.

The online game is a virtual world. You are what you are in real life. Always be cautious and be careful. Set your priorities and manage your cards, well.

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  1. I do not play online games, but this helps me to understand why they are so popular!