How to Pick a Name For Your New LLC Company

choosing a business name

Prior to registering for LLC formation in your state, you must pick a name for your new LLC company. This is an exciting, yet crucial step for those starting a business. You want a business name that tells people about a product or service you provide, something memorable, easy to pronounce, and unique. But above all, you want a name that meets the rules set forth in your state for LLC names. Having the right LLC name for your business is priceless.

To choose a name for your LLC, begin by creating a list of 4 – 5 potential names, then consider the following steps:


To make an LLC name legal in most states, it means avoiding restricted words and including required words. In most states, an identifier must be included in the name that tells people your business is an LLC, abbreviations like ‘LLC’ or phrases like ‘Limited Liability Company’. To find a list of required and restricted words, check your states Secretary of State page.


No two businesses can have the same or confusingly similar name in your state. Most states have a searchable online database where you can check the potential name against existing business names.
In addition to an LLC name search, you should check the US Patent and Trademark Office’s database for identical or similar names.

Domain Ready

In today’s business world, an online presence must be maintained to succeed. Go through your list and check with a name registrar to come up with possible domain names. Keep in mind, longer LLC names have several possible variants.

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