5 Easy Ways to Drastically Change Your Look in Minutes


Playing around with your looks can be fun. You do not have to put in a lot of effort or be a professional make-up artist to try out different looks. There are a few simple tricks that can help you keep changing your look depending on how you want to appear.

Wear What You Feel
What you wear is the first thing that people notice. The first aspect that you can change, when trying to play with your looks, is your wardrobe. Play with your wardrobe to avoid going for the same combination of clothes. If you have too many of the same type of clothes, try to get some different ones. Do not make a T-shirt and jeans your uniform look. Try on a variety of clothes to get a new look when you want. 

Paint Your Lips Well
Your lips can draw a lot of attention to the right place. Whether you have thin lips or thick ones, you can work with them to change your look. With the help of some makeup, you can even change the shape of your lips. You can use a concealer to cover your lips. Once you have covered your lips up you can use a liner to shape your lips how you want it. You can fill out your lips with the color that you want. When it comes to choosing your lipstick color and texture, the options are unlimited. Blend multiple colors to come up with new shades.

Make Magic with Contour
Apart from your lips, you can change your other facial features as well. Contouring allows you to improve different aspects of your face. Getting contouring just right takes a bit of practice. Many Youtube videos have tutorials about how to contour. After seeing the tutorials, you need to go to a shop and match the products to your skin before buying highlighters, foundation, and concealers. Match your makeup with your skin to prevent your look from going wrong.

Keep Changing Your Hair
From long to short, curly to straight, brunette to blond, you can use your hair to change your looks. Once you cut your hair short, you cannot really grow it back fast enough to change your hairstyle. If you continue dying your hair, it will cause damage. Keep your hair safe by getting real hair lace front wigs. The real hair lace front wigs look just like your own hair. Lace front wigs are easy to maintain and does not require much styling. You can buy it and keep changing your hair.

Play with Your Eye Colour
With the help of contact lenses, you can quickly change your natural eye color. Changing your eye color can be refreshing for your look. Buy different colors of contact lenses and try them on to match what you are wearing.

These simple alterations can make you look like an entirely different person each day.

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  1. good tips! straight to curly hair can make such a difference!
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