Things To Do Before You Travel

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Whenever my husband and I decide for a family holiday, I make sure we plan ahead of time. There are important things to look into. Since we will close the shop, we have to ask permission from the owner. Likewise, if you work in the office, you have to file a leave of absence. Although, there are things to do and think about before going to travel.

This is the first to check on whatever vacations you plan to do. Think about your budget, first. Is your money sufficient for a holiday? Do you have a pocket money for other expenses? If none, then it is time to save money. Whenever you receive pay, set aside a budget for the holiday travels.

Flights and Accommodations
Check the airline's website for a possible promo. Usually, they offer it before the peak month starts. The plane tickets are quite pricey without a discount.

Book a place early because they offer a discount for a few nights stay. Sometimes, staying a few days and nights earn you an extra day FREE.

I'll share with you where I found all these cheap vouchers and discounts for the holidays. So, you will have an idea of what I'm talking about. You will find it in the "Latest Deals, shared by real people". Yes, the latest deals in time for the holidays and save the date. Take a look at what they are offering:
holiday discounts
Dreaming of going to one of these places. Book early for the holiday this 
April to May and pay it less with a 35% discount.

early discounts
If you spend over £1000 at Expedia, get £750 off from the selected holiday package

Above are just an example of what I found in the latest deals for holiday seekers. You can find more vouchers/discounts inside. You can also register if you want to receive emails in your inbox.

Bring The Important Essentials Only
If you travel, things to wear is important but limited unless you want to pay for an extra baggage. As for me, I don't like to travel with a heavy baggage especially if you had a kid or two. I bring 2 or 3 items of clothing aside from the underwears and towels. You can wash them or find a laundry shop nearby.

For body and hair care essentials, a small size will do or will just go on shopping in the area to buy our needs in small sizes.

Be sure you have your tickets with you. Keep all your tickets in one purse.

Now, you are ready to go. Have a great vacation! Enjoy.

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