How To Have A Good Relationship by Dr. Paolo Bellosillo

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Sometimes, when you see someone your world freeze. You were standing right there like a stone and out of breath. It's difficult for you to turn around without looking at someone. Though your heart beat faster, you asked yourself, "Is this the one for me?" 

Sometimes, you will meet someone and it works. Sometimes, you will meet someone and it will feel like God intervened and made you meet. Most of the time though, you meet someone and they break your heart into a million pieces and you start to wonder, "why me?" 

With Valentines just around the corner, we decided to ask Dr. Paolo Bellosillo who is known for advocating living a quality life to share his thoughts on how you can protect your heart from the greatest stressor in life, a heartbreak. 

❤ What are the qualities that a woman should look for in a guy?

A woman needs to look for someone whose God-fearing because if a man fears God, he will be loyal, faithful, committed, responsible, and honest. These are traits that any woman should want for in a man. A man like this will never make you worry or fear that he will go astray.

❤ What are the qualities that a man should look for in their future partners?

A man needs to look for a woman who is capable of being their partner in life, not just in the bedroom. They need to find someone with a humble heart and someone who prioritizes their relationship with their pride.

❤ How can you have a relationship that is good for both parties?

A relationship that preserves the dignity of the other person is always a good indication. When there is a mutual trust and mutual respect, when a relationship is rooted in prayer and kindness then reinforced by communication, you know that it is beneficial to both parties.

❤ What are your 5 tips for a healthy, smooth sailing relationship? 
  1. Pray together. When God is at the center of everything, everything will fall into place. 
  2. Communicate. As they said, almost everything can be sorted through an open and honest communication. 
  3. Be kind. If you can't be anything, if there is no more love, then at least be kind. 
  4. Be open. The two of you are not the same person which means that you will not have the same beliefs, the same principles, and the same ideologies. In fact, chances are big that you will have different ones, so be open to understanding how the other person works. 
  5. Let go of fear. Most of the time, we react negatively because of fear. 
Any tips to our readers for this upcoming Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day is primarily focused on the heart, on love but every day should always take that into account as love is a journey and a decision which both souls build on. While the whole world celebrates it, do so in a manner where it focuses not on consumerism or material things because they fade. Be original: play a song, sing a song, cook with love for your shared favorite dish, go to the first place where it all began with your special someone, or go to church and why delay it, say I DO, tie the knot. Just make sure the other is ready and fits in the qualities and attributes of those listed above 

In addition, take your woman out in concert or have a fancy dinner with candles on top of the table or a hanging candle chandelier with little vines crawling on its arm. 

How about you? Do you have any advise for a good and healthy relationship? Do share it with us by commenting below. 

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