How My Mom Sent My Brother To School

When my parents were both alive, they went into a real struggle within their married life. My father found someone else while working in an appliance store. It was sad and painful for her. I'm affected by it.

My brother was starting in college. He took Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation in a private school. With all the stress surrounding her, my mom couldn't think straight for a moment. She was thinking of my brother's tuition fee and other expenses. And God is good. God gave her the wisdom to think or solved her financial situation. This is what she did!

Selling Blankets Made from Flour Bags
My mom went from one bakery store to another to buy unused flour bag. One bag costs is only $0.22 or one peso. To clean it, she shake off the remaining flour, soak it in the water for a while before washing. To remove the prints from the flour bag is risky. She uses gas, a liquid form bought from gasoline station. It is usually used for lighting a lamp. When the flour sack is clean, she starts to sew two flour sacks. Two flour sacks is equal to one blanket. A blanket made of flour bag is $2 or P100.

Help from Relatives
In my eyes, I am so astounded from the relatives on my mother and father's side. They help her in my brother's tuition fee and fare in going to school. My heart was full. I am overwhelmed to see them do it. Thanks to them. For my part, I did send her money for little brother's school.

Playing Bingo
Bingo is a fun activity for low-income Filipinos. You pay for a few cents, if you win, you'll get $20 or one thousand pesos depending on the amount you played. My mom tried her luck with playing bingo games. Since, I live far from her, a niece told me how lucky she is. She won not only a thousand but thousands. She used the money as a fund for my little brother's tuition fees and other expenses. She sent a tithe to a church for thanksgiving mass. I am thankful that my mom knows how to play and used it.

This is how my mom sent my little brother to school. It's nothing to be ashamed of because it's an approach to do good for the family.

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