How To Drive A Car for Beginners

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When driving for the first time, you feel nervous and excited. That is natural but don't make it drown you. Your life will be at stake if you always feel it. Just pray, rub your hands and say, "I can do it!". Remember you will be on your own, on the road.

Let's assume that you finished your driving lessons with flying colors. You had a driving license with you.

Make yourself comfortable and Know your Car's Controls
Check your car seat like a parent does for kids, adjust it and reach the foot pedals. Let yourself familiarize with the accelerator and brake pedals. SO, you will get used to it. Position the three-car mirrors. This will let you see the cars in behind and blind spots protection. Then, learn on how to use the brake and gear stick. Read and understand the controls on your dashboard such as speedometer, RPM, and fuel gauge.

Basics In Driving
The first thing to do is to put on your seat belt; to avoid serious injury. When starting your car, place your foot on the brake. The car will move by itself when it starts. Put your keys in the ignition and learn how to back your car. Ready? Move your car forward and press the accelerator brake slowly and accelerate until you reach speed limit. Place and hold both hands on the steering wheel. Learn to how to switch lanes, if you do this, don't forget to use blinkers. Do not forget to place a distance behind or in front of another car.

All About Driving A Car
When you drive, be defensive and stay in the right lanes. Follow the speed limits and be very careful in unnatural weather conditions. Be polite when you are on the road.

There are quite a lot of elements in driving a car. Driving is a skill wherein a driver is physically and mentally healthy.

Quick Tip:
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