FSJ: For All Your Shoe Needs

Girls, who run the world? Girls! What do you wear if you run the world? It's the shoes! Girls will really love this. When FSJ representative asked me for a sponsored post, I am so excited to share it with you, ladies.

FJS is an acronym of a shoe brand named as the Funny She Jill. Since its launch 19 years ago, it has reached the United States and provides their clients with the merchandise.

The company aims to provide women who are fashionable, adventurous with a bold and well-crafted design.  The company is proud to say that their shoes are handmade in all sizes.

As I have said above, you can see various type of shoes and colors to choose from. Below is the screenshot of the shoes I would love to try:

Stiletto heel was named after a dagger. The heel is long and thin though it varies from the length.

Women's Nude with Rivets Slingback Pumps T-Strap Stiletto Heels Shoes
It has a padded insole for comfort. It helps to hop up your legs. 

White Vintage Bridal Heels Peep Toe Ankle Strap Lace Pumps with Platform
A perfect shoe for the bride with an intricate lace on the upper.

This is the brand's classical shoe series. The print was inspired by a Cheetah.
It's pleasing and makes you feel randy.

Leopard Print School Shoes Pointy Toe Double D'orsay Pumps Shoes

Leopard Print Flats Brown Slip-on Comfortable Shoes

What are you waiting for? Visit FSJ shoes and choose which one is the best for you.