How I Wish for a Pro Tool 11

pro tool 11, guitar center
By John Tuggle from Decatur, Ga, USA (tom)
[CC BY 2.0 (],
via Wikimedia Commons
Sometimes, senior high students would come and asked my husband, "Kuya, do you mix music?" Kuya is bro or dude and the students asked if we do mix music. Probably, it is a requirement for a school presentation.

I wish I know because to reformulate a music, we need a software that has an advanced mixing and processing tools like Pro Tool 11. The Pro Tools 11 provides you everything you need from composing music, editing, recording, mix music and more. Guitar Center has, pro tools 11 at a great price! How I wish I had it. It's really amazing! Aside from learning on how to do it, you can help the students in their school presentation.

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