212r Guitar Combo Amplifier

guitar combo amp, fender
A guitar amplifier is also called as the electric amplifier. The guitar amp consists of two configurations. One is a speaker combo amp that is made of wooden cabinet. Two is a standalone amp, often called as amp head or head.

However, a fender frontman 212r has a solid state guitar combo amp. It is worthy to try. It has a 100w and 2 specially designed 12" drivers with a limited edition red finished. This guitar amp has spring reverb and blackface-style control panel. It has good power, excellent sound and easy to use.

If you want to know more about, hop in to Musician's Friend and look for the guitar combo amp.

Novuhair Celebrates International Women's Month

Novuhair, International Women's Month

In celebration of International Women’s Month this March, Nutramedica Inc., encourages women to speak their mind and know their rights. Be it in society or otherwise, women have excelled over the years, creating a sense of socio-equality that every female across the globe shall be proud of.

This years’ theme is “Be bold for change”, a very subjective manner of approach to the present era where women are called to lead and influence. Novuhair calls for the same thrust.

Tips in Maintaining a Healthy Hair

healthy hair, tips

When we are too stressed out from work or going through our personal lives, some people see it. The meaning of this idiom - calm down and "Let your hair down" is to allow yourself to behave freely than usual. Enjoy yourself!

To give us much more reason to be carefree, we must be confident on how we look and feel. Take time to take care of your appearance and take extra attention to your hair. Hair is considered as our crowning glory, hence, it is pertinent that we start with it.

Causes of Hair Loss

First thing that people notice is your hair. It is the most go-getter of your total look. It is the reason why most people take extra effort in caring the hair. But, is it enough?

hair, scalp analysis

A hair salon is one of the usual places that a person would go to whenever they need to have their hair fixed, this is typical if you just need a relief from a bad hair day or to mend your split ends. What if your hair needs a more extensive solution such as for your hair loss?

Short Term Loan, an Easy Cash With No Past Worries

short term loan, easy cash

Short term loans bad credit allow you to borrow the money for urgency in quick time. The lenders do not make your bad credit history an issue in offering you the cash when you need it so urgently for personal purposes. You can borrow the money on certain preconditions and repay it in short period.But a precondition in taking out the personal loans bad credit is that you must be in a job. You must be getting fixed monthly pay cheque from the work for past no less than six months. Your age for the loan must have crossed 18 years with a bank account is in your name for the past at least three months.

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