Happy Birthday Little Brother!

sibling, birthday
When you were born and mom brought you home, I had a long look at you. Out of curiosity, I wonder and asked myself, "A brother. I have a brother. You're my brother!". I tried to poke your side to which mama stop me from doing so. You were asleep then, I might woke you up. I just want to hear you cry. :)

When we're tween's, we are like cats and dogs that has a constant fight over petty things. I know you tried to reach out but I'm adamant to whatever joke or stories you share. I am easily offended. Perhaps, I can't get into your jokes because I am too serious.

As we get older, the fight goes on a clash of different principles and values that we believe in. We both made mistakes for the choices we made in our own personal life. I think it's best to accept it and move forward, just one step at a time.

Honestly, I am only here waiting for you, though. A bit worried because you're my one and only little bro. We have no parents, anymore. Now, I am thankful because we have communication, We share ideas and stories like never before.

Happy birthday! Stay strong! 

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