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How you ever heard of Doodles Paw Couture? Doodles Paw Couture is a manufacturer and retailer of a pet apparel and its accessories. Founded in 2006 by Ms. Bernie Alfonso-Leytte who is the owner and a pet couture designer. Out of passion, the business was born for the love of their pets which start as a hobby. Also, it is a part-time income for the owners, themselves. Both working as full-time employees in separate International Banks, Ms. Bernie worked as a Senior Manager and Mr. Chris as an Assistant Manager in another International Bank, Below are the chronicles of the Doodles Paw Couture from, how it started, its struggles, advocacy and present statures.

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2006 - Ms. Bernie had her first hand sewn sweater apparel for her dog.
The family was traveling and their dog, a chihuahua x mini pinscher was cold. She looked for a ready to wear pet apparel. She found out that all are imported and expensive. She bought a bonnet, cut holes in it. Then stitched it according to her dog's size. Voila! She had created a sweater for her dog. Since then, she starts making pet apparels as her hobby.

2007 - Starts selling pet apparels to friends and family
Some of the couples friends and family started to order pet apparels usually for dogs. They start to entertain the idea of putting up the small business that will cater to the market needs. Philippine made pet apparel are not available. Instead, they find imported brands in the market that are costly. The couple thought that these items should be available to all pet lovers.

2008 - 3 Shops Opened and Ms. Bernie's Advocacy of Filipina Empowerment
The small-scale business has grown to 3 shops operating at the same time. One newly opened is in Tiendesitas. With the shop's operation, they need a mass production of pet apparels. With this concept, Ms. Bernie was able to implement her advocacy for Filipina empowerment. So, they employ housewives who want to learn and earn for their family. By helping our environment, Ms. Bernie does not use plastic in a packaging of each item.

2009. The start of online selling in retail and wholesale
Doodles Paw Couture started to do the online selling in retailing and wholesaling. They had maintained the quality and aesthetics of their product. This revolutionized the pet apparel market. It has opened its doors for new venues especially to the community who are pet lovers such as fashion shows. It has become a fashion and lifestyle with its tagline "The smart and affordable way to pamper your pets."

In the market, they had offered 100% of pet apparel with 25% only for the usual cost. Ondoy tragedy was a big hit, operations were on hold for quite some time. Hence, developing a different scheme of operations with the workers in mind. The owners decided to give away the sewing machines to the housewives and let them work in their homes. This way they will be able to continue to earn without having to leave their homes. This way, all families are protected and operations will not be affected.

dogs2010. Challenging year for Ms. Bernie
Another challenge was faced by the owners when Ms. Bernie was asked to bed rest for a long time. But this gave a venue and time for her to strategize and brand Doodles paw Couture to what it is today. Not allowed to travel or walk , she was able to continue design and make necessary plans for the next years protecting the interests of the workers and the plan of making it as their source of income.

2011. As one of the popular brands in the pet industry,
Doodles Paw Couture was invited to different shows showcasing its pet apparels and partnership or sponsors in pet events. However, while Ms. Bernie is recuperating, Mr. Chris attends the activities.

2012. The family decided to close the shops in Tiendesitas
They plan for a better branding for 2013. At this time, the brand is recognized in the industry and is a sought after partner in events and features, whether on TV , newspaper or magazines. Ms. Bernie started to do public speaking to promote education on proper and best practices for pet wear. She believes that while it is about fashion and aesthetics, all pet owners should be responsible and should be educated of the responsible pet clothing.

2013. The first stand-alone Doodles Paw Couture pet fashion boutique is underway. The soft opening was in the middle of January 2013.

2014. Mr. Chris, her husband died.
So, Ms. Bernie and her company were reinvented. Officially, she started to do consultations for both human and pet products on marketing, branding, and its operations.

2016 Presently, Ms. Bernie remains the Philippine Pet Fashion Icon/Guru. 
She is active and continues to support responsible pet ownership. She does mall tours for responsible pet fashion awareness, She expands her consultancy and includes brands and establishments on pet care or on maintaining a pet-friendly atmosphere.

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