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I’m an online shopper, I admit it! But, it doesn't mean as a "social butterfly" kind of a stay-at-home mom. It happens that there are things I prefer to buy online. Also, it's less hassle to carry on different products in one hand, avoid traffic and heat, right? That's convenient. A friend introduced me to Shopback, though. I'm hesitant if this was true. After I sign up, it's history! Let me walk you through on how to save money while shopping online with popular stores.

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Sign – Up or Create a Profile
First, create a profile by signing up and fill the information needed. You can even use Facebook to sign-up or use your own email which is way better and set your own password.

Refer your Friends
List prospects or friends who are online shoppers. Inform them about the privileges of using Shopback. Tell them about the cashback rates and good discount deals from the popular stores. If they agree, then, let them sign up on your referral link.

Your friend and you will get P100.00 each. Every time you refer, you'll get P100.00. Just make sure she buys online or else, you're P100 is pending. Aside from that, Shopback has a monthly promo for the number of your referrals. If you refer 10 friends, you get P1000.00 + a chance to win an iPhone 7.

In every P1,000 you spend on a brand, you will get the percentage of your cash back. Below is an example of Shopback's own computation

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If you want to use Ebay, the offered rebates are 1% for the buy and sell of electronics, books, phones and other. Some of these items came from the United States. Now, EBay has a Global Shipping Program that ships the items to the Philippines. The item's price is excluded from shipping and handling as long as it is not more than $500.

AliExpress that sells more on fashionable clothing's, computers and . Right now, AliExpress gives 7% cash back (Upsized) for a limited offer. Else, its 5% and yet, that’s a big savings or returns for the amount spent.
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Discount /Discount Codes
All stores or merchants has its own promotion and discounts. While you use Shopback, you can also avail the discounts given by these popular stores. It’s double savings. Just look for your favorite stores!

About Shopback
Shopback is the top rebates company. It starts in Singapore, Malaysia and it's now making waves in the Philippines.

ShopBack is a Singaporean E-commerce startup that utilizes the cash back reward program. It allows online shoppers to take a portion of their cash back when they buy products through their services. They would provide discount coupons and voucher codes for online shopping. Currently, it has affiliated over 300 merchants all over the world, including online retail giants Taobao, Zalora, Lazada_Group, Rakuten, Groupon, EBay, Paytm,ShopClues, & Flipkart.


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