6 Reasons to Book Your Trip on TravelBook.Ph

travel booking, travel agencyTravelling is exciting and yet it is stressful. Preparing all the things you need and let's not forget the important traveling papers. So, how about booking for hotels and resort destination? Is it confirmed, yet? I hear you.

In this new era of e-commerce, rises an online booking company named TravelBook.ph. It caters to an ever-growing market of travelers specifically in the Philippines. The company has expanded and continuously developed it's backbone through different customer-driven dynamics. Here are the reasons why you should book your next trip on TravelBook.ph:

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1. Convenient Booking
TravelBook.ph focuses on improving its offline bookings through 24/7 Customer Care that offers competitive room rates, promo plans, rewards points, membership promos, and GetGo promos.

TravelBook.ph also has a user-friendly mobile app that offers double rewards for bookings to make the service available for the growing number of smartphone users in the Philippines.

2. Multiple Payment Options
Since only about 5% of the whole Philippine population are credit card holders, TravelBook.ph has made sure that it has various online and offline payment methods to make booking hotels for every customer convenient.

hotel, paymentAside from using their credit cards, customers can pay via online and offline bank deposits or over-the-counter payments. Other payment option includes, 7-Eleven, Robinsons Department Store, and SM Department store branches. Also, it includes Bitcoins and the newly launched PayAtHotel, which allows the customer to pay upon check-in.

​3. Corporate Partnerships and Alliances
TravelBook.ph has also partnered with top brands and companies in the Philippines, including Cebu Pacific, Robinsons Bank, Sun Cellular, Toys R Us, JG Summit, Robinsons Land, Robinsons Department Store, and Universal Robina to strengthen its presence in the business through various campaigns.

partnership, allianceThe company also has special partnerships withGetGo, BDO, Union Bank, Eastwest Bank, and Security Bank.

4. Tours
TravelBook.ph will soon launch its 359 Tour Package Plans to cater to the travel needs of its customers.

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5. Affiliate Program
The recently launched "Affiliate Program" now has over 600 partner bloggers. Through this program, both seasoned and new bloggers are able to earn income. They will earn from the hotel bookings made on their websites.

6. Promotion of Philippine Tourism
For more than an e-commerce company, Travelbook.ph aims to help the Philippine Tourism industry. By encouraging everyone to travel more in our country. The company believes that traveling should become a lifestyle. It promotes education, quality time, bonding with families and friends.

juanderlust, travels
TravelBook.ph comes up with various creative campaigns to promote local tourism. At the recently concluded #Juanderlust, an international competition for travelers all over the world. Those who participated to be the lucky "Chosen Juan" who will set out on an 80-day adventure to 80 places in the Philippines. The winner, Mr. Dave Agbayani, has traveled around the country. To explore and experience the best things that our country has to offer.

What are you waiting for? Book now with TravelBook.ph, your online travel agency. Please visit their website for further info.

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