Lessons Learned: Blogging Mistakes

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In the past days, I've been busy pretending to be a wannabe web designer and digital artist! I've been researching and reading to enhance my knowledge about redesigning my own blog. Since I cannot hire them for real, I have to do it on my own.

Blog Template

When my eyes caught a template for blogger, I bookmarked it. Then, drumming my fingers on the table thinking, "Am I going to change it now or next time?". And yes, I changed it and my blog template went boom! It crashed! All the gadgets went to different places. I did not download a backup because the sticky menu isn't working anymore. I upload the original .xml file. Then, slowly, I change the font size, colors, and style. Patience is a virtue.

Lesson: Before you do anything on your blog template, always, always have a back-up. If you want to run a template that caught your eye, create another website.

Blog Title

If you notice, blog title has changed. I changed it because every time I hop on someone else blog, the title is synchronized with their domain name. Sorry, I forgot the website. I read that blog title and domain name should be the same. That is what I did!

Before you start a blog, think and re-think a million times, if you must. What's your niche? Why do you want to blog? What are your goals in blogging? I'll send you to google to do that. There's a jungle of resources out there.

Also, I'm doing this lessons, right now. I'm thinking to buy another domain name.


To be honest, I have no idea what label am I going to place on my sticky menu. By the way, if you're using WordPress, it's categories. Every time I visit blogs, I always check their menus and read more from the resources I found on the net. Yes, Google is my best friend! I choose my labels from the heart because it's personal. Glad I made it!

Be yourself. Choose the best labels or category based on your niche.

Blog Header Design

Now, this is my wannabe artist part. Oh, how I wish I had those artistic skills. The admin in a blogging group allowed us to post a screenshot of our blog. So, others would give comments and views. One member told me that my blog looks bland. She suggests to at least create, design photos or banners on the header part. That is what I did!

One random web user said, my blog is confusing, it has a lot of topics and she doesn't understand it. That's why I made a blast on my blog. Recreate and redesign my blog.

Be open to a room of improvements.

I'm not a newbie but I consider myself because I need more room for the improvements on my blog. Knowledge is a virtue!

As you can see, some of my sub-menu are blank. My next step is to change the posts' label. It will show up on the menu. Then, I will rename and re-upload the photos for SEO thing. Phew! I can do this!

I hope you'll get an idea from my blogging mistakes.

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