Intensive Training from Brillante Mendoza Film Workshop

Brillante Mendoza, film workshop
Photo Credits: Masha Kuvshinova, CC BY 3.0

Are you fond of taking videos and directing your friends or classmates for a class play? Would you like to enhance your skills in directing and filming? Well, here is your chance to hone or sharpen your skills for an intensive training.

What   : Brillante Mendoza Film Workshop 3 (BMFW).
When  : March 28 to April 3, 2016
WhereCenter Stage Productions
              947 Busilak Street, Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City

- A 7-day intensive workshop from 9am - 5pm, inclusive of lunch and afternoon snacks
- Participants are expected to act in the short film made by the directing work shopper at 
  the end of this workshop

- with introduction to Cinematography, Production Design, Editing
- A 7-day intensive workshop, inclusive of lunch and afternoon snacks
- Participants are expected to create a short film at the end of the workshop
- Particpants are expected to bring his/her own laptop for editing purposes

You can visit them at the address provided above. Hence, they start March 28, so, you can also check their workshop schedules.

He is an Independent Filipino Film Director. He was born in San Fernando, Pampanga 30 of July 1960. He finished his studies in University of Santo Tomas taking College of Architecture and Arts in Advertising Arts. Also, he is a Production Designer on his own film, one example is entitled, "Sinapupunan" in 2012. He had directed 16 films starting from 2005. 

An award-winning Independent Film Director. Below are some of the awards he received:
- Best Director, 2009, film "Kinatay" in the 62nd Cannes Film Festival
- Special Honorary Awards, 2009, Cinema One Originals
- Best Film, 2009, "Lola" in the 6th Dubai International Film Festival


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