Why Do I Quit Networked Blogs?

networked blogs

Networked Blogs is a tool for syndicating my blog posts automatically to Twitter and Facebook. Over the years, it helps me from manually posting my articles. But, now I quit! I deleted my blog and account in that tool. I feel it doesn't help me, anymore. 

Refresh Thumbnails

I always click the button on Networked blog's dashboard to refresh the image, so the new photo of my recent post will come out. Before, if you click refresh thumbnail button, it automatically changes to a new one. Now, it won't give a budge even if you click it for 2 or 3 times, the photo will not change. For example, my article is about a press release of an event. So, I'll be using a photo of the said event in my post. When the networkedblog syndicate it, the photo of my previous post which is a Halloween mask is used. So, what's a Halloween mask doing for an event article?


If you want to change the target of syndication like Twitter, Facebook fan page and your own Facebook profile. You can't do it anymore. It will be deleted. According to them, they had transferred the syndication to their sister company. That is Symphony. When I read it, they asked for payments.

More Findings

I googled the tool and my findings amazes me. I found a good article that tells you to quit networkedblogs immediately. "Unless, of course, you'd like to continue for your blog posts to go unseen". That's the writers' words that made me shocked. According to her, Facebook prizes manual posting than third party applications. It's a good read article.

I'm sorry for my followers and subscribers. I really have to delete it. The pictures or thumbnails used to syndicate really annoys me. I firmly believe in manual posting of my blogs. 

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