One Day To Blogapalooza 2015 #ResponsibleMedia

Yay! It's one day to Blogapalooza 2015! I'm so excited na.

It has been my wishful thinking to join the Blogapalooza, since it started in 2011. But, I was pregnant then, so I pass but it has never been out of my mind. It is not only meeting 

Now, I come back with a new domain name for more than a month. I was kind of busy blogging with some Press Release until I saw it on my Facebook Newsfeed. I did not waste time to sign-up because it was only 11 days before the said event.

Blogapalooza started in 2011 with an annual Blogapalooza event that run for a day. It was an invite-only event that only Bloggers and Businesses can attend. It was an idea to gather all businesses and bloggers, together. The business/companies would showcase their products/services to bloggers. The bloggers while building a good relationship. Also, it saves time for both the bloggers and businesses in terms of transportation and money.

I read some articles about what to bring in the event. Unfortunately, I don't have those important items. What I can bring are these items:

1) Calling card
I've created it. This is number one important because the business wants to contact you for a product review, events and an exchange for some loots.

2.) Water
As I've read, there are food tasting, perhaps, it will be convenient if you bring your own. 

3.) Minty Candies
As I've said, there are food tasting, so it'll make your breath smells different, aside from water, I think you need more minty candies. 

4) iPad
For taking photos and if there's no wi-fi, good luck to me.

5) Cellphone
A cellphone that is not android nor a smartphone. 

I don't have a power bank. Again, good luck if I can find a spot for charging my gadget with low batteries.

I'll cross my fingers when I get there! See you there! 

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