My List For The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2015

emerging influential blogs 2015
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I started blogging since 2010 but I just came back from blog inactivity. So, I am not really familiar with the new blogs that emerges for this year. I'll just base and rely my choices on my own instincts.

Here are the top ten blogs I choose for Emerging Influential Blogs!

I am a mommy and like her I nurse my little one before in a bottle. She was proud of it which is seldom to find one. A mommy blog that writes about her journey through pregnancy and motherhood. She writes tips for young mom's survival guides.

2. Frugalyetfab - 
A stay-at-home mom who juggles everything from being a mom and wife. Like me, she wants to explore the opportunities found in the internet. A simple and plain housewife who stays amazing and beautiful.

Are you tired of office work? Are you stressed from too much work? Well, this blogger will de-stress you and fascinates us with different stories and  interesting facts about flowers.

Obviously, this blog talks about the green and pollution in the environment where it is a problem in our society. As part of the society, we should raise awareness and do our part for our environment. It should start first in our own homes.

While browsing the names of blog who are vying for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2015, I chance upon this, "Artful Chapter".  My eyes widened when I saw his age. Most of the 10 year-olds, I know are busy with online games and groups. But, this one is different. He uses his time productively in photography, fashion and blog.  

If you check on the blog template, it's not great. But, when you read the contents, especially the story of her life, this blog deserves a push and thumbs up. All of us,  undergo a bout of temporary hurdles in life. But, hers was a thorny road who tried to make it colorful by fighting for her life specially for her 3 children.

She calls herself as God's Warrior Princess. I thought this blog was about religion but definitely not. She is a teacher by profession who wanted to reach out to the Netizen. Her advocacy is to teach Netizen the value of education and learning.

Do I have to say it more? She's a mommy like me, but a working mom, who loves to write about life's experiences in motherhood, wife and full time office gal. As a human being, she rants, but promotes stronger family ties and values.

The blogger is an AB Mass Communication student who shares and write about the things he is fond of about life.

10.  Two Monkey Group
Oh my, these two brown and white monkeys impressed me. After checking on their blog, I couldn't stop myself from reading their travels as backpackers. I, myself had no idea what a backpacker is. I only thought that backpackers love to cross rivers and walk on top of the mountains like mountaineers do. But, mountaineers and backpackers are two different worlds.  I am so "kilig" on how a brown monkey meets a white monkey. This blog deserves to be in the top 10.

So, there you go, the lists of blogs, I had chosen for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015. Good luck everyone!

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