How I Create My Blog Title

These past days, I was trying to rack my brain for a new blog title. I feel that "Elisa Knows and Writes" isn't me. The blog title was created in a snap because of the SEO thing. Yes, I pass the number of characters in the blog title. But, I am not comfortable with it. It must be something else. Something about ME!! The blog represents about you as a blogger.

A friend Cindy who is an SEO Expert messaged me in Facebook and exchange comments on her post. She asked me if I am a home study. I was surprised then I remember my Facebook post of "Self studying is worth it". We had a little conversation that is an exchange of ideas. I took the opportunity and shoot her a question. If she can suggest a blog title for me. Her answer is "Go with your feelings!". Go with your feelings! I keep it playing on my mind. I tried to feel it with my heart. I keep understanding and thinking about it. What do I want? What are the things that I love to do? How do I feel? What are my feelings? Is it emotions? What is the best blog title that describes me? These are the questions that are lurking in my mind. Suddenly, I know the answer! Of all the places, I was in the shower when it happened. "For The Love of Learning"!

how to make a blog title
For the Love of Learning, is my new blog title!

This blog title speaks about me and what I am doing right now. Having a new domain is a challenge. I had zero idea on how to transfer the domain name to blogspot especially it's a little bit complex. Eventually, it took me two days to transfer and understand. I was challenged and I love it with feelings. Now, I keep on researching or googling the internet trying to learn different tips and tricks. It's all about blogging such as the SEO, traffic drive in search engines, webmaster tools and a bit of coding on the side.  Whatever I learned from my research, I applied it on my blog. Do it with passion!

As the days go by, I learned that there is no need to rush. Take things slowly. Loved whatever you learned and do. DO it with feelings! Do it with your heart.


I am fond of changing blog titles!