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A news media site is born, named as Informucate. Informucate is a news site that explains useful information and interesting news for the readers. According to research, 1/3 of people does not follow the news on a regular basis. While, 85% of people claim that following the news is important. The reasons cited for NOT following the news are: 
  • - Time Requirement
  • - Bias of sites
  • - Sensationalism of the news
  • - Negativity and fear mongering by the media
  • - Difficulty in understanding the global topics
  • - Annoyance of click bait

Thus, was created and seeks to address these issues with its mission

"All The News in Just 12 Views"

Informucate is using the news and information to educate, entertain and ultimately, to keep the flowing of conversations through a concise written stories and informative videos. It explains what viewers need to know. All daily stories are uniquely selected by editors and written by journalists as compared to bloated and biased news sites, as well as other “explainer” sites. It allows viewers to get their news in just a few minutes a day, and more importantly, understand what they have read.

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The 12 stories cover the top news of the day, as well as health, trending, entertainment, money, technology, and the popular 'bad behavior' report.  In addition to stories, there’s also a fast facts video encyclopedia that includes fun daily trivia that puts a spin on pop culture. By presenting a mixture of news that runs the gamut from serious to entertainment to trending, the 12 stories give everyone the information they need to stay informed and be more confident at work, school and in social settings. Best of all, it takes just 5 minutes a day to get informucated.

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