Loot Bag of Piattos Goodies

Yesterday, my husband and I were surprised when a delivery man from 2Go brought 2 TNT boxes. I feel confused and surprised. Who will send us goods in boxes?

My husband asked me if I ordered online. I answered, "No! I did not order online! I am in doubt to accept it. So, i told the delivery man that the delivery might be a mistake. He just smiled and said, "No! One of my mates had delivered here, before."

We did not believe him until my husband saw the receipt with my son's name. Oh yes, I remember now!

It's Piattos!

My son and I won from Piattos Webisode promo. It is one of the products from Universal Robina Corporation! The winners must claim the prize at their office. But, I asked them, if it is okay, if they will deliver the prize. They agree but expect for delays. They will send prizes by batch. So, I said, okay, I can wait. 

It took some time but the wait is over! Here it is! The loot bags of Piattos goodies. Yay! Thank you so much!

If you want to join their promo or contest, then head on to Piattos Facebook page. Who knows? You might be one of the winners.

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  1. Oh what GREAT fun to get an unexpected surprise in the mail! Even if you were expecting it - enough time passed for it to be a surprise AGAIN :) Yay!