Appearance in Chaos

If you happen to drop by on my website, please pardon the appearance. It is in chaos. I can't arrange it fast as I would like it to be. Sometimes, there are disruptions and cute disturbances for a mom like me.

You know, I love the template because it does not irritate one's eyes. I got it from sbtemplates. Actually, it's an old theme.  

One day,  I freak out because the theme's photo background has an error.

It beats the hell out of me. It really, really takes me a long time to look for a FREE Blogger Template. Yes, it is FREE darling because I can't pay a template if I will hire someone to design it for me. I'm not earning, yet, but hopefully! On the other hand,  you must be careful in choosing a theme. Some of it has a virus when you download. So, always be careful.

And then, there goes the layout or arrangement of the  social media icon's, popular posts, affiliates, communities and others.

There are a lot of things to do and finished.

So, hoping you will come back and leave a message behind.

Thank you for the visit. Hope you will come back soon! 

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