Dogs Has Souls, Too!

I was reading an article from Mail Online about love ones who died and spoke to their loved ones in different ways who are living. The exact title is "Loved ones spoke to us from beyond the grave: Readers' spine-tingling stories will test the skepticism of anyone who doesn't believe in the spirit world". I've read from the beginning until the end.

I agree that the souls of our loved ones are still here. Suddenly, I remembered my dog named, Magic. He's a Maremma Sheepdog breed. I told my husband what I was reading and how my dog died. While talking to him, I can't help but choked up the tears I am trying to hold. I really, really love my dog. That much! Yes!

I realized the reason why he died. My dog had told me in my dreams.  He was brutally beaten by our neighbor in the province. He was beat by a big wood. My dog was caught eating leftover food in a pail.

I was working. Who would believe me if I knew it only in my dreams. No one had told me what had happened. I just cried and missed hugging him tight.

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