Bad Word Expressions Flares Me Up

I woke up late afternoon and sit directly on the computer when I overheard one of the DOTA players saying "Puta!".  My ears start to stand straight. Then, I hear it again, so I called his name and told him to minimize it. But, he never listens and say it again. My ears turned red and I suddenly flared up. I stood up, touch his shoulder told him to stop repeating the word. After that, I restart his computer. I went to the server and check his time if he complains.

What does the word mean?
The word "puta" is a Spanish word which means whore. In a vulgar word,  it is "f_ ck". Perhaps, this player has a bad luck while playing.

Why I reacted that way?
As a mother, I do not want my son to hear or learn to speak bad word expressions. My son is there! That teenage boy, say it every 3 to 5 secs. I am full from hearing those words again and again. I had to stand up to stop it.


We lived in an internet shop. I accept the fact that todays young generation speaks bad word expressions and trash talkers. I allow it IF my son is not around. Also, I inform them to minimize it whenever my son is around.

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