Bad Word Expressions Flares Me Up

I woke up late afternoon and sit directly on the computer when I overheard one of the DOTA players saying "Puta!".  My ears start to stand straight. Then, I hear it again, so I called his name and told him to minimize it. But, he never listens and say it again. My ears turned red and I suddenly flared up. I stood up, touch his shoulder told him to stop repeating the word. After that, I restart his computer. I went to the server and check his time if he complains.

What does the word mean?
The word "puta" is a Spanish word which means whore. In a vulgar word,  it is "f_ ck". Perhaps, this player has a bad luck while playing.

Why I reacted that way?
As a mother, I do not want my son to hear or learn to speak bad word expressions. My son is there! That teenage boy, say it every 3 to 5 secs. I am full from hearing those words again and again. I had to stand up to stop it.


We lived in an internet shop. I accept the fact that todays young generation speaks bad word expressions and trash talkers. I allow it IF my son is not around. Also, I inform them to minimize it whenever my son is around.

Going Back To A Fruitful and Meaningful Life in 2014

Last year, that's 2014 we've been through a lot of highs and lows. For good, I have a great sale for an online gaming. The online game money is called alz. I have customers who bought alz. They will just pop in the shop. Good thing, I have rare drop items from dungeons. That helps a lot.

The sad thing that happened is when my father died February 2014. I feel bitter, though. It's sad when this happens and you can't do anything but watch him until his last breath. We can't bring him to the hospital due to financial loss. My brother is tough and strong. I was trying to keep myself calm as much as I can because my son is with me. While other's were crying and feel so nervous. My brother and I've decided to cremate his remains. So, it'll be easier for us to carry him whoever visits Iligan.

After what had happened, I am thankful for the blessings that I've received online from surveys, Facebook promo (like and shares) from different companies.   

On the other hand, there is a lot of opportunities online, but I let it go last year. So, I am going to take it back and do it!

This year 2015, I want to lead a fruitful and a meaningful life. 

Thank you!