Hello Again Blog!

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How are you and your visitors? I hope you're having a great and blessed day. You know, I am so sorry I have been neglecting you for these past months. I am sorry I haven’t written an article here. There are words circulating in my mind, but I can not write it in a soft coy, instantly. My hands are busy with house chores such as laundry, filing scattered items in my room and sweeping the little backyard outside this shop.

Sometimes, I took a shower and the words came in tumbling my mind. I talked to myself like a crazy woman. Trying to create a sentence or two while shampooing my hair. Yeah! I am like that, sometimes. If someone hears me, good luck to me. That person would think I was going crazy. Why I am talking English, while taking a bath. After that cool bath, the words are gone just like that. It’s like a snap of your finger.

Whenever, I sit here facing the computer, I opened a social media site such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram instead of you. Also, I opened a role-playing (online) game like Cabal Ph. I open you, my blog, only for checking and publishing comments. No writings, I am sorry. I've been so busy with the others.

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But, don’t you worry. I have changed your template. I hope you like it because it is cool and pleasant for me. Your visitors won’t have a hard time adjusting their glasses by reading your article.

My dearest blog, this is just the beginning. Time to time, I will visit you, again. I will do some revisions and fixing regarding on widgets and disclaimer.

Hope to see you again!

Your writer,

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