Missing A Lot

I missed writing the events of  my own life. That’s one particular reason why I blogged. To write what’s on my mind – heartaches, paranoia, depression, echetera. Be it good or bad, it doesn’t matter! Quote and unquote from Meagan Aguilar, “ I have no one to turn to”! Yes, I have no one to turn to except on blogging. I’m not an artist who can turn to the media.   I want to write to express my feelings on how and what I feel but whenever I sat down and face the computer, my mind went blank and asked myself, “Am I going to write about this?”. Depressions bad, I’m not ready. So, instead of writing what’s on my mind, I do other things online.

From my last post, I am missing a lot…

I missed joining and blogging about contests. I admit that I turn to Facebook contests “Like and Share” from different companies. Sometimes, I click a bloggers giveaway link, shared it on Facebook but when it comes to Instagram and questions, I leaved it blank. I’m trying to learn it’s process .

As of now, I’m slowly going back to where I’ve left of like tinkering my blog from time to time, Facebook contests and playing online game (play while you earn).