Tales of My Miscarriage I

Once again, I never knew I'm pregnant. I feel like in a deep slumber awaken by a good and bad news. No, I am not defending myself because it's the truth.

Before I knew I'm pregnant, I keep on asking my husband for soft-drinks and other snacks. Although, he yield to my whim but whenever I asked for a Coke, he'll bring and give me a Sprite soda, instead. As a pregnant woman, that's very annoying and fun for him! I'm sickly. I have runny nose that leads to sinusitis which I pop in one tab of Neozep. I have a watery loose bowel movement. Then, I don't know why I stare at a glass of wine that makes me thirsty and lick my lips. Until words come out, I asked a guy friend to give me a sip. 

It is odd that I heard a sound of a so-called night bird ("wakwak" in Cebuano) when I get into the comfort room outside the internet shop. In some provinces, we thought of it as a witch turned to a night bird lurking around especially for pregnant women. According to tales, a baby in a mother's womb smells fragrant and sweet.

Usually, my son play around my tummy. He jumps and play like a horse while sitting on it. The day he played around, I feel a hard thing on my womb, trying to turn around. Immediately, I stop my son from playing in my tummy and tried to get up. That movement in my womb had awaken me from a deep slumber. It made me think of my menstruation and its date. Usually, my menstruation starts first week or end of the month. The only month I remember it's visit is September. I'm not sure if I have it in October because in November, I had none.  I become suspicious and asked for my husband to buy a home pregnancy kit.

When my husband bought the home pregnancy kit. Immediately, I went to the comfort room to get a small amount of my urine. Then, I open the Home Pregnancy Kit which consists of a Pipette, 1 test device and a desiccant. Then, I suctioned a small amount of urine and drop some of it in the sample well of the test device.  The test window will absorb the urine and shows if it's positive or negative. I stared while it absorbs the urine sample. It shows only one line which I thought it's negative but I was wrong. Looks like, it gives a space for another line.... I AM PREGNANT!

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