Son’s Birthday Visitor

Again, this is a very late post and it happened last March 2012. It took me a long time to publish this post, perhaps it’s too personal to tell. But, I want to take the emptiness out from what had happened before and share it. I am happy that he came.

My son’s visitor is my one and only youngest brother Jun. Unknown to anyone, except my close relatives, that my brother and I haven’t speak for a long time. He’s working as a seaman abroad. Of course, he believe in anything that someone close to him says. We fought against finances, my mother who’s fighting for her dear life against cervical cancer, my father and chiasm. Every thing I said he’ll throw it back on me. He will not listen to me. It seems I’m carrying the whole world on my shoulders. I cried bucket of tears and decided to leave his home. And, when I got pregnant, I asked for his help but he was very angry. He almost flare up. I’m thankful because my cousins were there to stop him. He will arrived in the Philippines and left the country with no communication. Until, a neighbor from Iligan City tried to talked and put some sense into our minds. Then, my brother starts to comment whenever he sees my comments of a cousin’s photos. That’s where we start our communication again.

He came with his girlfriend and brought a Red Ribbon cake for my son, though. My son was afraid because he haven’t met his Uncle and this is their firsts. The way I look at it, my brother was happy carrying my son and told me that he missed his two children from his ex-wife. Also, he shared a conversation with my husband.

Here’s a photo of my brother and son.
 brother and son

And of course, the siblings!
 the siblings
We used to fight when we were a child. As an adult, we lived in separate ways, though. I understand that our fights are usually for the betterment of a person we loved most.