Hospital? Not again!

Previously, I post about our ordeal with my son and my sickness. Last month, we're in the hospital because he has fever and primary complex. I got sick from fever and cough that made me feel like in an orthopaedic bed. I'm not finished writing about it, yet. 

And here we are again, facing another one. We're here in the hospital with another cause of my son's fever. It's only a month difference. I think children are like this. I am worried about his situation and I can't help it. He's having a fever for three days and I thought the cause is the climate change. But, I was wrong! On the third day, rashes were all over his body plus a high fever. So, we rushed him in the hospital at 4am.

Good thing, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law arrived. At least a little burden were taken off my shoulders, though. I know they'll stay for a day because of work. When they saw my son's situation, I saw them crying. I think they were overwhelmed by his situation and pity him.

I hope and pray that my son will get well soonest!