Findings of My Son's Sickness

The first findings is dengue. The nurse informed us after giving him a tourniquet. He told the doctor that tourniquet result is dengue. My thoughts were asking how my son got dengue and fever. I'm thinking of the previous days before my son got dengue. Sure, some people in the internet shop come and go. But, he was not staying in the shop that day. My son was walking around the hospital grounds. He was laughing and chasing around his "Ninong". A woman from neighbourhood told me that the hospital has big trees, grasses and local chickens running around. So, it's a definite haven for mosquitoes and chicken manure. I guess or maybe it's one of the reasons. 

Another findings is my son has amoebiasis. His poop is watery and yellow to golden brown with little particles. It has a foul smell different from normal. I know the cause of this. He's very curious now and want to touch any thing he like even if it's dirty. He is fond of sucking his two fingers from his right hand. So, probably he touch a thing then sucked his fingers. I know it's negligence but I can't watch him all the time for some reason. The best thing for me to do when he gets well is putting a bitter something in his fingers. It's not a mean thing to do. It's a way to stop him from sucking his two fingers.

The hospital has shifting schedules for their resident doctors. But, when another doctor came into the hospital. The hospital has schedules for their resident doctors. He informed us that it's not dengue it's German measles. Automatically, medicines were changed. 

What do we call/shall do when the doctor give us wrong information? Other mommies would give a different reaction. I just accept it and focus more on my son. My son is more important than the doctor.

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