My Heart and Mind on Father's Day!

Yesterday, I am trying to write a post for Father's day. It's a cheerful greetings, but, after two to three sentences, I hit the delete button. I can not pretend because deep in my heart, I am sad. Just thinking about my father bothers me. I am faraway from him. My father is in Iligan City but I had no chance to visit him, yet. I can not afford the expenses. I don't even have a chance to communicate with my father. He did not see his grandson since birth. My father and I have differences but time has changed it. He is still my father, no matter what. He's getting older. I feel, I missed him, terribly.

Instead of writing, I prayed. It is my only communication towards my own father through God. I believe that through Him, I can convey what's inside my heart and mind. 
Instead of writing, I stand up and whispered to my son's father a happy father's day! He just smiled and squeezed my hand while carrying our son. :x