Mommy Rants

Yes! It's been a long time. For more than two months, I haven't write anything on my blogs and didn't dare to even view it until now. There are a lot of things I missed online, like contests, blog walking and fixing links on a Wordpress blog as well as the incoming domain account that I have to pay. Some of the paid-to-click sites in which I am a member went back to zero because of inactivity.

The reason is my baby's sickness. I post about his on and off fever that resulted to amoebiasis and a ruled-out bronchitis. For two months, I accept the fact that my baby is sickly. He just recovered from another bout of fever and "tigdas hangin" (german measles) aside from a delayed teething process. He was not hospitalized and no strong injectable antibiotics for him.. Every time the hospital staff do that to my son, I feel like stopping them. I only give him vitamin c (Ceelin) 2x daily and keep an eye on his back for wetness.So, I thought being a mother really has a big role and responsibilities.

How I wish I can handle both worlds (online gigs and my son). Mommy has to find time to earn online to save for your future, though. I choose to stop for more than two months and see for myself.

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  1. So happy to see you posting again. I have missed you, but so sorry to hear about your son. You have my prayers and my thoughts are with you!!