It's A Small World, After All!

It's a Small World, after All!

Last week, my heart beat fast when I saw this woman in a flea market. Her looks reminds me of an old neighbor in Iligan City. She's wearing a scrub suit and the woman I know is a nun. But , I can not take my eyes off her and I follow her around.

So, what I did is, I wrote an email to her niece, asking the name of her aunt who is a nun of the Good Shepherd. Also, I told her that I found someone who look exactly like her Aunt Neneng in a flea market, busy in choosing pre-loved clothes. I can't  believe it because I'm in one of the barangays in Norzagaray, Bulacan. She replied and confirmed that it's her Aunt Neneng. She's not a nun anymore but a nurse and works in a pediatric clinic.

It's Wednesday and flea market time. After I bought shirts for my little boy, I wasted no time and went to the pediatric clinic. When I arrived, no one's around, so, I sit in one of the bunks nearby. After a few minutes, I saw her coming and asked if she's familiar with my looks. Well, she did not recognize me but when I introduced myself, I received a spank on my arm. :D.

The world is small, after all, we never know, we'll meet again.

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