When Typhoon Strikes

Last Tuesday, I was updating my status to, "Ang lakas ng ulan at hangin... waaaa.. wag sana mawala ang kuryente, pleaseeee" which means "the rain and wind are strong... waaa... I hope the lights will not go out". But after more or less than 30 minutes, lights went off. I didn't move from where I sat because I am carrying my baby who was sleeping that time. My husband use the beam from his cellphone to check on the customers computer usage. Good thing, aside from the computer, we manually record and check their time.

After a few minutes, the hospital's generator was up. We can only use one light and an electric fan. It's okay for us, at least, we have a light to move around. When the customer's gone, my husband swept and mop the floor. Then, he brought out the foam for us to sleep in the middle, among the computers. We have no choice, since our room is totally dark. 

I placed my baby in the foam who was asleep and my husband Chris, settled himself on the other side with a mat. I can't sleep early so, I watched the two boys in my life who are in dreamland. After a few minutes, I feel bored sitting and doing nothing. So, I brought out 2 boxes of clothing to fold to pass the time. 

It's a chore that makes me lazy when computer time eats me. I'm glad the two boys are asleep and no electricity. I can focus and finish this one chore.

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