My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

This is my first to join the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. This big event is on its 5th year. It is a writing project as organized by Ms. Janet Toral, that identifies the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blog for 2011. Without further adieu, here's my official entry and they are as follows:

1. Levyousa - I loved reading this blog. Sometimes, at the end of her post, it sent me giggling because she does not forget to insert her post with funny notes. She blogs about her personal life, views, tips and information about her surroundings.

2. Certified Foodies - This blog owners by Mhel and Ken who are both siblings. What I love from this blog is that they share honest opinions and experiences on a certain food from their food trips. 

3. Painted Lips - a fashion blog of Pehpot. Amid the hectic schedule for being a mom, she finds a way to make herself beautiful and fashionable.

4. Mom Writes - another mommy blog who share's her thoughts, favorites and memories of being one happy family amid her hectic schedules.

5. Green Living Ideas - a mom and advocate for Green Living Environment. She share's her own ideas, information and tips on green living.

6. The Pepperific Life - A personal blog of a single mom who shares her adventures and struggles and joy on raising her daughter single-handed.

7. Notepad Corner - Another personal blog who juggles and share her experiences on being a stay-at-home mom, a mother and a housewife.

8. Mommy Survival Guide - Being a mom is not a piece of cake. We need a lot of patience and sacrifices. For a first time mom, here's a blog that guides and share some tips/information on how to survive being a mom.

9. Tottering Mama - This blog had inspired or influenced me. This mom share's her tips, ideas and value-formation on her two children - her tots.

10. The Bloggers Journal - This is a great blog for newbie bloggers. The blog features useful information and tips on blogging.

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  1. Hi Elisa. Kindly edit your blog post entry and add a link to the writing project ( Kindly do so on or before September 10 for inclusion in the final count.

  2. Hi Elisa. I just included your entry in the raffle masterlist. Hope to see you on September 13.

  3. Thank you for the vote! We all made it to the top 10.