Lucky Day

As a first time mom, it is difficult to leave my baby to my husband who oversees an internet shop. Second, it's Saturday, peak day where there'll be a lot of customers. Yet, he allowed me to go. It's 12 noon and I'm waiting for him to wake up until 2pm. I know, it'll be a tiring day, that's why I allow him to get more sleep. Besides, he sleeps very late at 4 - 5am especially if there's a broken computer that he needs to reformat.

While waiting, a staff nurse told me that I had a package in the cashier's office. Excited but, the cashier did not arrive yet, so I told her that I'll take a peak. It turned out, the package was on top of the cashier's table near the window with a big hole. I can't stop, so, I let my hand slide in and took the package. ehek

The mail came from Sakuraeya Club winnings in promoting Fan page in Facebook. Now, my little white dog has a friend. I put it, together with another cutie dog, on top of the computer monitor.

After that, a staff approached me and asked for my last name! I stand up and he told me that LBC van arrived and looking for Valenzuela. I used two last name and they didn't know that.

Here's what I got, LBC package from sis Eidra - Sansan Lipstick I won from her contest. Thank you so much.

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