Happy 6-month Birthday, Baby Chrizs!

Today, my baby is 6 months old. My plan is to celebrate it or take home our favorite Yoshinoya's meal's, from my winnings. Unfortunately, he had a fever and  "halak" (gargling sound in the throat). So, my husband and I decide to cook pansit luglug on his 6-months birthday for longer life.

This photo isn't mine.
Since, mommy can not go and leave you! Here's a virtual cake for you, honey. 

Happy 6th-month birthday!


  1. Oh, I miss having these monthly celebrations and eagerly looking forward to the grand 1st birthday celebration!

  2. happy 6th month birthday to your baby... my baby has just celebrated her 10th month birthday and as practiced we cooked pancit and prepare some good food to celebrate it every month...