When Baby Had a Fever

Baby had his first fever when he got his second month vaccine. He was almost 2 months, then. His second vaccine is dpt and polio. The center did not warned us and I don't have the knowledge either. The injection area in his leg turned red and began to swell. He started crying and doesn't want me to touch that area. We were advised to put a small cloth wet with lukewarm water over the swelling area. In that way, it will stop the swelling. 

Night time my son's temperature went up to 38celsius. Of course, I feel nervous but did not show it. Good thing we bought Paracetamol Oral drops for his fever in daytime. I gave him 0.3ml as prescribed by a doctor. Then, give a lukewarm sponge on his leg.

The next day, his fever went down but still he keep on crying because of the fever. How it breaks my heart to hear him cry and see him in that situation. He's still a baby. Good thing he's fine within 2 days. 

When fever strikes, I know what to do!

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