Uber Excitement

http://www.emocutez.comWhenever I read contests that I am able to join, I am uberly excited that my hands shivered. Aside from that shivering, I can't think clearly and this what-to-do-next. It makes me blank and stared at the monitor reading and reading articles instead of writing the article (re-blog) and follow the mechanics. 

This made me think like a 10-year old kid. lolz.. A 10-year old kid jump up and down, excited to go out with their parents to watch movies, go swimming and or visit Jollibee.

Am I turning 10?http://www.emocutez.com


  1. Contest and giveaways are cool,If I have time I would also join contest if there is any:-)

  2. There's a contest and giveaways going on Yen. Check my other site: <a href="http://earnonline-newbie.blogspot.com>Earn Online with Mom</a>. I've post the contests that I joined except for those referrer thing - I'm not good at it.