Super Ferry

How many of us will ride SuperFerry from the provinces to Manila? Do you know which port you will fetch one of your family? I think no, not even those people from the province know. Unless, you are a frequent passenger on the ship.

This happened to us 5 days ago. We were informed to fetch MIL and SIL at the Manila Port Area. Which port/pier? That's the question that pop into my mind. There are a lot of piers in Manila. Good thing, my BIL is online and I asked him what vessel are they on board? He answered it's SuperFerry 1 and the TOA is 4:30pm. We did not asked further because we know he had no idea about the piers here in Manila.

So, we google SuperFerry and found their official website. As a newbie, I do not know what category to browse. I just read and click. In the menu bar (Orange color) I hover my mouse pointer on Schedule & Rates, then click Voyage Schedules. In voyage schedules, you will see the ship's origin, destination and sailing month. Choose from the drop-down menu of each and click search after.

The result is Pier 15. Since they came from Dumaguete City and destined in Manila for the month of July 2011. You will also read the name of the vessel as what my BIL had told us. My husband went and fetched them at Pier 15.

An overview of Voyage schedules

It's easy and user-friendly. Have a happy trip! :)


  1. Good to know that there is a means to track SuperFerry schedules online. I wouldn't have known that they now have that service if I hadn't read your post. Makes everything easier talaga. But I still prefer riding by plane talaga. I have a fear kasi of big bodies of water eh. :)