I'm Crushed!

I am crushed like an ice splintered into pieces! Since, we don't have internet connection in almost 3 days, I wrote it on a paper. But what happened! Here I am looking at the monitor, wondering if it's right to publish it here. 

Honestly, it bothers me and had given me sleepless nights. It's a deduction from my husbands pay! He was deducted from the water and electricity, my son and I used. It means we are not FREE. The only person who can freely use water, electricity is my husband. He's an employee.

The net pay bothers me more, it's only $19.78 for 15 days. From that amount, I am thinking of my son. Can we handle his needs or how can we sustain his needs? Gosh, I think a lot and there's a little sound of fear in there. My son is growing up and as a baby he has a lot of needs. On the other hand, we can not afford to rent a house because his pay is insufficient. Perhaps, you won't see me online doing this. That leaves me with no choice.

I pray that we both can. Also, I'm hoping, I can find a way to help him augment his income for our baby!

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